July 26, The Galactic New Year

with Jose Argüelles

July 26, 1998: this is the day two calendars meet, the Mayan and the Gregorian. Just as experts are busy reconfiguring computers for the New Millennium, Jose Arguelles is busy attempting to reconfigure our calendar.

Why is the change important? Measuring time, one of the most important functions in the life of humans, should reflect the cycle of Nature, which is a 28-day cycle of 13 moons per year. Because humans are a part of Nature, they are affected by this natural cycle. Therefore, the calendar, man’s instrument of time, should reflect the natural cycle of Nature.

Centuries ago the Christian Church adopted a calendar used today by most humans. It is not based on the natural cycle of Nature. Recently the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences has recognized the validity of the Calendar Change and the Law of Time. Jose Arguelles, members of the Vatican, and other interested parties, will meet in Italy during the time period of July 26 to discuss how to change the current calendar so it reflects the natural cycle of Nature, and yet, still reflects our traditions. Jose Arguelles is an expert on the Mayan calendar, which follows the natural cycle and begins a new calendar year on July 26.

The following is a message that incoporates the great vision of Sun Bear into the Calendar Change Prophecy, which we have been carrying: WORLD THIRTEEN MOON CALENDAR CHANGE PEACE MOVEMENT TIMESHIP EARTH 2013 THE DOMINION OF TIME ”

All the prophecies of the Native people speak of a time when human beings will face a choice between going on the same way with greed and technology, or going towards Spirit. I feel, and many others feel, that now is that time when we face that choice. We need to go toward Spirit now. These prophecies were given to warn all people on the planet, not just the Natives, but all the people on the planet. That way they can make the necessary changes in their lives.”

Sun Bear (1929-1992) ”The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change makes that choice we face practical and real. To accept and live by the Thirteen Moon Calendar is to go towards Spirit, to continue to follow the Gregorian Calendar is to continue to follow the same way of greed and technology. The time when we face that choice is July 26, 1998.

In fulfillment of all prophecy, this choice is available on that day for all people of the planet, when the New Calendar and the Old Calendar are lined up. You then have 52 weeks to make the necessary changes in your lives. This is the essence of the Great Calendar Change of 1998 and the 52-week Revolution in Time Peace Plan. Any change of calendar is a revolution in time. The 52-week Revolution in Time Peace Plan means that you have 52 weeks to phase out of the old time of war and greed and shift into the new time of peace and spiritual abundance.

In only one year, the old Gregorian Calendar will be gone and we will be living again in the natural time of Thirteen Moons of 28 days each. It all begins with the Global Peace Meditation, July 26, 1998, year of the Red Rhythmic Moon. José and Lloydine Argüelles, Coordinators World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement” Truth is Love. Tolerance is Justice. Peace is Forever. Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

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