Thirteen Steps
Higher Energy
by Roger Cantu

Everything that we do involves energy. The more energy we have, the more we can accomplish, both physically and spiritually. If you want to have more energy on a daily basis, you can follow these simple steps to achieve a higher level personal power and vitality. These steps have been divided into three parts: body, mind, and spirit. These suggestions will significantly affect and increase your level of energy.

 Part I.  The Body

1. Develop a Strong Body
If you exercise on a regular basis, you will feel much better physically and mentally, and you will feel better about yourself because you will look better. By participating in some kind of physical activity like walking, running, or rollerblading, you will generate a lot of energy. You might not feel it at the time you are exercising, but you will feel it later on.

It is important that you develop a strong body, because this will allow you to hold more energy. Taking martial arts classes, for example, will help you to balance your body, your mind, and your energy. Tai-Chi is probably the best place to start if you have never taken any martial arts classes.

2. Take Care of Your Nutritional Needs
Vitamins and minerals are very good for you. If you think you are getting a lot of nutrition from the foods you eat – think again. It is better to take some kind of multi-vitamin to make sure that your body is getting what you need.

Eating a balanced diet, high in proteins, and low in fat and carbohydrates will also increase your level of energy. Eating less sugar and flour will help you to feel better. Most people are addicted to sugar without even knowing it. According to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the great Guru of India, refined sugar is the source of many physical illnesses.

Part II - The Mind

3. Meditate and Balance Your Energy
You can gain a lot of energy by meditating every day. According to a study done by Dr. Kondo at the Tokyo University Hospital, researchers compared two different types of patients: Zen Buddhists who meditated every day and people who didn’t meditate. The people who meditated healed faster and responded better to treatment than people who didn’t. When you meditate in the morning, you start your day in a much better state of mind. This gives you more   energy to do all the things you want to do.
According to the Dalai Lama, “If you start your day with meditation and prayer, the whole day thoughts become something useful.” Once you get into a routine of meditating every day, you will feel that your energy is more balanced, and you will deal better with stress.

4. Select a Good Career That Will Fulfill You
You work many hours. It’s the major activity of your life. Obviously you can gain or lose a lot of energy from it. When you put your full attention into it and you do a good job, not just for the paycheck, but because it is part of your impeccability, then you will find that it will help you. We all become physically tired from working, but if we work with the right intent and inspiration, then our mind goes higher.

Choose a career that will inspire you and fulfill you. If you are not happy at work, chances are you will not be happy with the rest of your life. That’s why it is so important to develop a good career and to have a great job.

5. Control Your Negative Emotions
Emotional control is essential for obtaining high levels of mind. Can you control your anger? Can you control your frustrations and your jealousies? In order to effectively interlock the higher spheres of mind and attention, you must have tremendous balance and control. This comes through a conscious decision to do so. You must learn that it is more fun to have control over your negative emotions than to let them run your life.

Reaching powerful mental levels doesn’t occur by an accident. It is a deliberate decision that you make again and again. It is something for you to grow in and develop. When you can be sloppy, you are not. When you can be indulgent, you are not. When you can be sad, you laugh instead. If you fall down, you pick yourself up again and begin again and again. Be a perpetual beginner. Each day we start over, each evening, each moment. Always be inspired. It’s that attitude of inspiration and belief that creates energy.

6. Live in a Place That is Clean and Organized
You should not live in an environment that is disorganized and messy if you want to have more energy. You have to clean up your life, and the first step is to clean up your house, because your outer environment is a reflection of you inner environment. If you organize your house, it will help you to organize your life. The same is true with the way you dress. If you dress in clean clothes, it will help you to clean up the rest of your life, which will help you to tighten your energy.

7. Listen to Music That Inspires You
Nothing changes your mood like music. Music can help you experience many different states of mind. If you listen to music that inspires you, it will make you feel better. On the other hand, if you listen to music that focuses on negative emotions, you can wander into lower states of mind and lose energy.
I highly recommend the music of Zazen, Kitaro, Joaquin Lievano, Patrick O’Hearn, Tangerine Dream, and Cusco. Most of these artists have created their music in very high states of mind.

8. Spend Time with Good Friends
It is a good idea to spend some time with good friends who raise your level of energy. Sometimes people tend to isolate themselves from the world and the company  of others. I think it is important to have good friends that share your common interests and values. If you want to meet people who are interested in meditation and self-discovery, it might be a good idea to take a yoga class or some other kind of similar activity. Sometimes people can really inspire us, and we gain energy by being inspired.

Part III - The Spirit

9. Spend a Certain Amount of Time Alone in Nature
It is a good idea to take a few days off by yourself. Rent a nice cabin in the woods. Stay there, meditate, take walks in safe areas and find out who you are again. This is a perfect time to practice some introspection. Ask yourself, “Who is in my mind and why?” No one should be in your mind. You should be the only person who influences your decisions. Meditate upon your life and where it is headed. Walk around the trees and feel the power of nature cleansing your spirit. This step will renew your energy.

10. Have Lots of Plants in Your House
There is nothing better than having lots of plants in your house. Of course, you have to take care of them and water them once in a while. Plants give us a lot of energy, and they make us feel good about the place we live in. Having plants around the house will not only give you more energy, it will also make your house look happy and alive.

Peter Tompkins in his book,  The Secret Life of Plants, teaches us that we actually have a sympathetic connection with plants. The book illustrates how a study was done where they connected electrodes to a plant and the plant responded accordingly in different situations. For example, there was a person that would come in and water the plant every day. When that person walked into the room, a certain measurement would appear in the EEG, like if the plant was happy to see that person. Then, there was another person who would always come in and hit the plant. Every time that that person would come in, the EEG would record a different measurement, like if the plant was afraid. There is definitely a       connection between the plant kingdom and us.

11. Be of Service to Others
A great deal of energy is gained by giving energy. Now this is a curious thing. For example, if you go to  deposit money in the bank, you have it, it’s yours. If you give money away you don’t have it. In the world of energy, that’s not entirely true. When you give positive energy, you gain energy. Right now I’m sitting here writing, and I’m projecting a tremendous amount of energy to inspire you and show you that life can be much brighter and better than perhaps you realize. When I do this a curious thing happens. I’m giving a lot of energy. I’m donating my time, but something will come back to me unsought. While I just enjoy doing this, I’m not seeking a return, but something does come back – energy. This energy comes back because I am not pulling energy from a limited source. When we give out this type of energy from the Infinite Mind, which is endless energy, we receive more.

Whenever you take the time to inspire someone, to aid them in their inner search, you will find that energy comes back to you. If you inspire people with sincerity and respect it will happen  automatically. Do you want to increase your energy tremendously? Then want  inside your heart to inspire and be of service to others. This desire will cause you to encounter people whom you can help and inspire. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “The purpose of life is to make an inspirational contribution to the life of others.”

12. Read Inspirational Books
Read an inspirational book at night, even if it’s just for ten minutes. When you read an inspirational book at night, you will sleep better because this type of reading elevates your state of mind. You will wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and happy. Try it for a while.

This is a great cure for insomnia. If you can’t sleep at night, if you feel restless, just pick up a high spiritual book; and you will feel more relaxed and you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

13. Keep a Positive Outlook on Life
Keeping a positive outlook on life is very important. You know that there are lower states of mind, and you dwell in them like houses, but you can actually move out of them. To get into a nicer house you need a little more money – that’s energy. You’ll gain that energy by meditating daily, by learning to be still, and by practicing the steps above. Be inspired and optimistic. Always feel that something good is going to happen. It is, if you decide it is, and you make it happen.

These are the thirteen steps to increase your energy. How do you make them work? Make a schedule. Write down all the things you want to do and take small steps to achieve your goals. It is a good idea to write all of your activities for the week on a piece of paper and then place that schedule in a place where you go often, like the refrigerator door.

In The Power of Silence, Don Juan explains the importance of energy conservation to Carlos Castaneda. Don Juan says,

“Human beings are born with a finite amount of energy. An energy that is systematically deployed  beginning at the moment of birth. You must learn to use it in the most advantageous way. The main     aspect in the study of personal power is learning to manage and increase your energy. This energy will enable you to handle some energy fields, which are inaccessible to you now. Increasing your energy will give you the ability to perceive the world in a way in which ordinary perception cannot."

You gain energy by doing your daily meditation, inspiring others, spending time alone in nature, having plants in your house, doing some kind of exercise on a regular basis, and managing your career and your relationships properly. If you follow all of these steps, you will have plenty of energy to do everything you want to do and you will be very successful.


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