Ramblings of a Roving Rune Caster
by Allan T. Perkins

The rune Perthro is the fourteenth rune in the  Elder Futhark. It is the rune of Initiation and evolutionary force.  This is the last column in which we will dissect an individual rune glyph. So, I think this is a great glyph to end on. Those of you who have been following this column for the last two years will remember that when we first started, I told you that I wouldn’t present the glyphs in their normal order. We said that the oracle of The Runes was more a spiritual tool than a mundane, physical one. So I meditated on The Runes and allowed the spirit to choose the order. For two years I’ve been somewhat concerned about presenting the Rune of Initiation as the last rune in the series. Then, just recently, I’ve realized that it’s the perfect rune to end with. It’s time for you to initiate your adventure with The Runes.

Perthro is the Rune of Initiation. There is no doubt that powerful forces of change are at work in this rune. These forces are not something that you can easily  explain. It is hard enough to explain to the uninitiated that you are working toward full knowledge of the Self. But, how do you explain the methods and procedures you use?

One secret of Perthro is what the ancient Norse called Orlog. Orlog is most often translated as “fate.” However, the word literally means “primal layers.” These layers are the experiences, actions, and beliefs of our past. They are also the experiences, actions, and beliefs of our ancestors. This is what we build on.

We have all known people who complain that they cannot  succeed in their journey toward the Self because they don’t know where to go. In which direction do they reach? Orlog gives us the guidance and power to reach out to the Self. With Orlog we know in which direction to reach. This is why Perthro is sometimes the “bringer of knowledge.”

All right! But, how does this happen? The easiest way to think about this is to envision the power of Orlog as a multidimensional force. The concept of cause and effect is part of Orlog. The mundane world operates on this plane. You do something; something happens; you react to that by  doing something else; something else happens – all in a straight-line fashion.

But, there is another theory of how things work. That’s synchronicity. As the ancient Norse would understand it, this means the past and the present are occurring at the same time. The spirit and consciousness operate under the rules of synchronicity.

To help visualize how Orlog works, imagine operating, in your mundane life under the concept of cause and effect on one plane or axis. Now imagine your spiritual life, operating under the rules of synchronicity, on another axis ninety degrees from the first. The Self operates on both axes. To be successful in your journey you must strive for the balance of the two. That’s where you will find the power of Perthro.

Perthro could be telling you to strive for that   balance where you can initiate a new aspect of your life. It could also be telling you to step out and  initiate that new adventure. That now is the time.

When you draw Perthro inversed, The Runes are giving guidance counseling. You may be counseled not to expect too much. You may be counseled not to expect things to happen in the same, usual way. You may be counseled not to focus on outcomes. In any account, drawing Perthro inversed or upright, you are always being counseled to focus on the present and on the Self. For the last two years, we have repeatedly reminded you that the quest of the spiritual warrior is to come closer to the Self. And, the only time you can initiate change to the Self is in the present.

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