by Emily Laurel

New information is coming to light about what happened to Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This Mary was called "the Magdalene"or "The Blue Rose." We are told in the Bible that she accompanied Jesus during his travels after he healed her of demonic possession, often sitting at His feet as He taught. The Bible tells us she anointed His feet with oil and dried them with her hair.

During trips to France to research the Knights Templar, Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D., discovered that after the death of Jesus Mary Magdalene traveled to southern France, settling in the little village of Rennes-le-Chateau. Her offspring became the kings of France, known as the Merovingian line.

The French believe that the Magdalene was an advanced healer and a highly respected member of the twelfth tribe of Israel, the Tribe of Benjamin. Wherever she traveled, she shared her healer’s skills with the people. The Magdalene apparently realized the importance of smell and the development of healing through the limbic system of the brain. She realized that through the use of essential oils the higher chakras could be activated, allowing entry into a state of higher consciousness. In France, Dr. Hardy learned that the brain’s amygdala gland is probably named after Mary Magdalene. Dr. Hardy believes that when the amygdala gland and the limbic system are stimulated with the scent of the oils, through the higher chakras the Magdalene comes and shares her special healing wisdom—that of changing the very structure of the RNA/DNA. It is possible that the Magdalene comes even now to teach her special healing wisdom and knowledge of the oils to those who call on her for help.

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