The Order of the Blue Rose

by Dorothea Cangelosi

Many Native American elders are saying that this is the time of fire and air, and soon fire will flow from the skies. Scientists say that in November 1998 we will experience the largest meteor shower that earth has traveled through

In hundreds of years. From the smoke of fires burning out of control to nuclear testing in India, the signs of chaos, greed, and control are apparent. Earth changes are becoming evident to all of us.

We as a collective group of lightworkers are sending our energies to stop the destruction of the whales and the American buffalo and to heal the pain of Jerusalem and China.

As I considered this mission of peace during Saturday meditation, the sounds of chanting began to play in my head. The nurturing presence of Isis, the Kwan Yin, and beloved Virgin Mary began to fill the room, the sisterhood energies spinning in a pinkish, golden spiraling swirl that took my consciousness to them. I saw Sofia, the mother of all beings,and I felt the great sense of oneness as I approached her. All the goddesses I had ever known were there: Sekmett, Hathor, Isis, Nute in her starry robes, beloved Virgin Mary, The Kwan Yin of love and mercy, each expressing their owncolors of light and sound.

All fear and despair released, leaving only light and sound. The silvery colors of the rainbow danced in rhythms that brought back memories of long ago; and suddenly a great blue rose stood in full bloom. I looked within the blossom and saw the face of the Blue Rose, the Magdalene. She said to me,

"I am the Magdalene. I am known as The Blue Rose. I have been slandered and misunderstood. I have been judged a whore and a despicable being who tempted Joshua Ben Joseph. I ask for you to consider why a mere prostitute has been degraded over and over again. I have come forward to tell my tale.

In the days of the Cathors of southern France, there was established The Order of the Blue Rose. This group loved and followed the true teaching of Jesus the Christ. They were not connected with any other religion and finally were killed by the crusaders. Now the energies ofthe divine feminine are returning to your dimension to heal relationships between men and women. For centuries women have lived according to belief systems that were not for our highest good. Some of us have loved in the only way we were taught to love. Some of us remember the magic of a mate, while others are confused, not knowing what mating relationships should be. Some dream of knights in shining armor there to protect them and sweep them away from their fears.

You may wonder why men have such a hard time loving themselves and honoring their first and true mother, Gaia. It was earth that opened her heart to the male energy of Mars, giving the gift of life experience on this planet. We women opened our hearts as well as our bodies to give birth to men, to love them as they healed from their Mars warrior mentality. Our hierarchy realized that we must become half and half to understand and heal. We began remembering that as long as the enemy lived within us, there would be no one who could save us but ourselves. We knew that what was wrong with our partners was the mirror of our own fractured selves

As the veils of illusion began fading, we began to see our old unresolved issues. As young women our role models were our mothers, and our own belief systems carried over from one lifetime to another. The goddess we gazed upon was Mary, a virgin mother. Men became confused about relationships.

"This is the time to heal beloved Gaia. At your fingertips are ways of doing more good now than ever before. You have the power to take a stand for any issue that you feel is significant. This country was created to be the new beginning, to show and teach the rest of the world how to live in peace and harmony with all life forms."

The smoke that has filled the skies is a warning that what is created in other parts of the world can come back to haunt everyone. Do not sit idly by, thinking that all will be well. No action is still an action! Use this time to join together in meditation for world peace and world unity. With unity all can be healed and brought into harmony. Remember your mother earth and the female that lives inside of you."

With that the energy dissipated and peace filled the air.

May the blessing be!


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